Rebooting the MSA servers on DigitalOcean

I ran into some problems rebooting the MSA servers. Turns out, Apache starts to boot up but gets stalled when the server asks for the SSL certificate. In theory, this should happen automatically but I just could not get it to work.

To get past this problem, I did the following:

Step 1: via SSH, run sudo shutdown -h now (or sudo poweroff) (shuts down the entire server)

Step 2: on the DigitalOcean control panel, click “powercycle” (restarts the server)

Step 3: via SSH, run sudo netstat -antp | grep 80 (lists the PIDS that are currently listening on port 80)

Step 4: via SSH, run sudo kill -9 NNNN <<< replace NNNN with PID for ghost httpd listening on port 80 (kills the rouge PID to free up port 80)

Step 5: via SSH, run sudo service httpd start (restarts Apache)

Step 6: via SSH, provide the passkey for SSL certificate

That’s it!