SkiddleBop: My Latest Project

Since the beginning of April this year I’ve been working on a new app under the working title, ‘SkiddleBop’.

SkiddleBop is designed to be a high-functioning configurable ‘business starter template’ that takes care of managing users, subscriptions, and recurring payments right out of the box.

Designed specifically with subscription-based ventures in mind, the app will handle demos, trials, subscriptions, payments, plans, coupons, discounts, user authorization and authentication, transactional emailing, and more.

As sole practitioner on this project, my role covers the entire development life-cycle from concept development through operational deployment. The project is slated for completion by October 2017.

Core technologies include:

  • Cakephp 3.4
  • Php 7/MySQL5
  • Javascript/jQuery
  • Bootstrap 3 w/ BeyondAdmin theme
  • Stripe API
  • Sparkpost API
  • Apache 2.4.18
  • Ubuntu 16.04.3

The entire month of April was spent on gathering requirements and developing an object-oriented design for the app. The following first two weeks in May were spent transforming this design into a database and application architecture.

Since then, roughly three weeks were spent on building out the core platform in CakePHP 3 to the point where app development can actually get moving. In late May, I was pulled away from the project to deal with a bunch of other things.

It’s now late June and I’m finally getting back in the saddle.

So, basically, much of the app’s core framework has been engineered and implemented. There’s still plenty to do but most is stuff I’ve done before, so I expect things should go somewhat smoothly.

To build out the app from here, I think it makes sense to:

  1. Implement the email messaging capabilities (done)
  2. Set up authorization & authentication stuff
  3. Set up the user management stuff
  4. Implement the login stuff (anonymous & known)
  5. Implement plans
  6. Implement subscriptions
    1. Anonymous demos
    2. Sign-ups & trials
    3. Coupons & discounts
    4. Up/downgrade
    5. Cancel/Reinstate
  7. Implement account management
    1. Invoices & payments
    2. Card replacement
  8. Finish implementing the app configurator
  9. Tidy up the landing site