A New Project

I’ve decided to start a new project.

A short while ago, I started tinkering with a portfolio site as a means of becoming more familiar with Bootstrap and Less. As these sorts of things do, this led to lots of project ideas.

Cutting to the chase, I want to build an online business application template that runs ‘out-of-the-box’ and is ready for skinning.

My goal is to create a production-ready asset to be used as the basis for several possible revenue streams.

On a more personal level, I want to progress from being a ‘skilled amateur’ to a ‘skilled professional’: a level where I can earn a viable income.

My game-plan is to leverage what I’ve already done with mystudioassistant.com and camperella.com rather than to start from scratch. My biggest challenge is that I’ll need to learn a lot of complicated technologies which will push me well beyond my comfort zone.

I’m not sure about timelines yet. This will need to come as I step further in… something about laying down the path as you walk.

Anyway, here goes.